Tawayik Lake Area Trail

Tawayik Lake Area Trail
Tawayik Lake Trail
Tawayik Lake Trail Map
Tawayik Lake Area Trail Meadow
Trail Features
High Intensity
Dogs Allowed
Bird Watching
Possible Snow
Scenic Views
Mountain Biking
Detailed Information

The Tawayik Lake area trail is rated as difficult and is around 15km long. We only walked a short ways down the trail which was not difficult but assume it gets harder further in. It has some great views and wildlife.

Elk Island National Park Description:
Tawayik is the Cree word for halfway. Roughly encircling Tawayik Lake and beyond, this trail leads through aspen forest and meadows. At the southernmost point of the trail is the narrows between Tawayik Lake and Little Tawayik Lake, a meadow area with a beautiful open view of the landscape and the occasional herd of grazing bison. Near the trailhead is a bench commemorating the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1984. A portion of the trail is shared with Shirley Lake Trail.