Maligne Lake Road

Maligne Lake Road
maligne lake road male moose
maligne lake road deer
maligne lake road boat launch
maligne lake road black bear
Detailed Information

Maligne Lake Road is one of the best places to see wildlife. It has many places to stop for great scenery, washrooms and of course wildlife. You can take a tour or drive the road yourself and its about a 45 min drive each way. At the end is Maligne Lake. You can take a boat tour, have some food, rent a canoe… There are also many trails you can walk by the lake. Even if you don’t feel like walking or taking a boat tour, the drive alone is full of wildlife and awesome views.

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Wonderful Views & Wildlife
This is probably the best area to see scenic views and certainly to see wildlife.  Every time I have  driven this road I have seen animals.  Very highly recommended.