Amisk Wuche Trail

Amisk Wuche Trail
Amisk Wuche Trail Elk Island National Park
Amisk Wuche Trail Map
Trail Features
Low Intensity
Dogs Allowed
Bird Watching
Possible Snow
Scenic Views
Mountain Biking
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We walked some of the Amisk Wuche trail and found it to be an easy walk with nice views.  It was really hot when we walked it so we didn’t go all the way but will next time we visit.  Anyone have pics please post below!

Elk Island National Park Description:
Amisk Wuche is the Cree name for the Beaver Hills. The diversity of this trail is ideal for keeping children interested. The trail winds through aspen, birch and spruce stands. A series of floating boardwalks takes the trail across small kettle lakes and beaver ponds. Part of the trail follows ridgelines which allow for elevated views of forested and grassland habitat.

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