Astotin Lake

Astotin Lake
Astotin Lake Island View
Astotin Lake Island Sign
Astotin Lake Island Beach View
Detailed Information

Astotin Lake is inside the Elk Island National Park.  The lake has a bunch of Islands so if you can boat (no motor) around the lake its a beautiful thing.  Please keep in mind that the lake sometimes has blue green algae which can be harmful to animals and humans so please check with the park before swimming or allowing your pet to go into the water.  The park allows you to boat, camp, picnic right at the lake side, there is a good sized sandy beach as well.  Astotin Lake has plenty of parking, washrooms and garbage containers.  The park itself has a large range of wildlife, trails, and many other things to do which makes it a great place to visit.  Please keep in mind it is a National Park so there are fees to enter.