Out of Africa Wildlife Park - Arizona

Out of Africa Wildlife Park - Arizona
Detailed Information

Mission | Purpose:
The mission of Out of Africa Wildlife Park is to create the ultimate animal adventure for all ages, one steeped in fun, immersed in learning, and inspired by a living and colorful world of astonishing wildlife. We strive to foster an appreciation of our planet’s wild areas and wondrous inhabitants by supporting and promoting conservation awareness and action, practicing exemplary animal care, providing education and learning experiences, and establishing broad community support, through a peaceful and interactive relationship with our animal friends, who touch our hearts.
Descriptive Narrative:
Out of Africa Wildlife Park strives to educate and entertain, to provide an exciting and engaging opportunity to love and respect creation and Creator. It is a place where family and friends gather to experience oneness with animals and each other during safaris, tours, walks, observations, and shows of wild-by-nature animals in their own, natural splendor. In this way, we hope to achieve a kind of oneness with them that will cause us to consider them to be so valuable that we cannot allow them to be lost forever. We continually provide spacious and natural living habitats for animals in need so that they can become ambassadors of their kind. We have heeded the call of those without a voice, many of whom now border on extinction.
As we attend to each animal’s daily food and husbandry requirements, and to their holistic health and medical needs, we experience with gratitude and friendship — their appreciation of us. We consider their social orders, their natural beauty and essence, their sense of feeling safe and secure, their eternal spirituality, and our communion with them as a common community of life. Our commitment to the animals in our care allows them to portray their instincts, intelligence, and emotions. Wisdom is served by learning the integrity of their world, their honesty, their vitality, and their life-on-the-line reality. Their wealth is a life well spent. They thrive by living in the “now,” focusing their attention, their power, their affection for an acute awareness of life itself. By cooperating with them and their needs, our human family can, to an appreciable extent, integrate with theirs. Our loyalty rewards us with self-respect and self-fulfillment, for we have become something greater than ourselves — and so have they. God is pleased.